Who We Are

Our Mission

Over-the-Rhine Community Housing is a non-profit organization that works to build and sustain a diverse neighborhood that values and benefits low-income residents.

We focus on developing and managing resident-centered, affordable housing in an effort to promote inclusive community.


  1. Property Management - Become a premier property manager demonstrating "best practices" techniques such that property owners would consider retaining.

  2. Property Development - Become a premier community-based housing developer in Over-the-Rhine by redeveloping existing unites to a market standard, developing additional affordable rental, a demonstration condominium building and several single-family homeownership opportunities with a range of affordability.

  3. Community Building - Create an atmosphere in which tenants/residents have a stake in their living environment by organizing resident leadership associations and utilizing renter equity and lease-purchase homeownership models.

  4. Education/Advocacy - Build and strengthen existing volunteer/intern programs and actively pursue and support programs supporting the homeless and very low-income families in the context of a healthy neighborhood.

Over-the-Rhine Community Housing is determined to make Over-the-Rhine a welcoming place - where a diverse group of people live, work and build an engaged and inclusive community. We can't do this alone and we do not want to do this alone. We hope you will join us in our efforts.


Over-the-Rhine Community Housing was born out of the merger of ReSTOC and Over-the-Rhine Housing Network - two long standing affordable housing organizations in Over-the-Rhine. ReSTOC was founded in 1978 and Over-the-Rhine Housing Network in 1988. Both organizations were founded out of the same movement now recognized as the Over-the-Rhine People's Movement. In order to secure and sustain affordable housing and promote community based development in Over-the-Rhine the two organizations joined forces in April 2006.